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quote the obama administration has characterized him. >> when they say i don't know what i'm talking about, i say it's somewhat misleading. >> but the office of the director of national intelligence, james clapper, says nonsense. edward snowden was an i.t. contractor, not a covert intelligence officer like many of his previous public statements. many of the recent claims fall well short of the truth.
.gov web site crashed last fall, the obama administration scrambled to patch it together, duck tape it, put it all together, but according to the article behind the scenes, important aspects of the web site remain defective or simply unfinished. so the article goes on. "the government may be paying incorrect subsidies to more than one million americans for their health plans in the new federal insurance marketplace, and has been unable so far to fix the errors." this is according to internal il documents and three people familiar with the situation. the problem means potentially hundreds of thousands of people are receiving bigger subsidies than they deserve. so the government can't fix it. web site can't be fixed. what do they do? these people are sending in information, and according to this article, piles of unprocessed proof documents are sitting in a federal contractor's kentucky office, and the government continues to pay insurance subsidies maybe too generous. the inability to make certain the government is paying correct subsidies is a legacy of computer troubles that crippled last
religion. the obama administration and attorney general eric holder argue that hobby lobby is a for-profit secular employer and a second entity by definition is not exercisable religion reared a federal judge agrees. does he have the lobby is a secular corporation in which there are no right to be guided by the religious belief of their ownership. lobbyn mind that hobby was arguing that so-called morning-after pill should be illegal or banned for doing anything to prevent their employees from being the small cost of such bills. they just have a moral problem paying for something they view as inherently against the deeply held beliefs. the obama administration ignored these beliefs and treats them as little more than an inconvenience to their ever-expanding regulatory state. let's be clear that this is bigger than hobby lobby. the administration argument strikes at the core of our understanding of free exercise of religion. this could have enormous from vacations for religious business owners across the country. under the obama regime come you the protection of the worst youdment as
in the house have aggressively investigated what happened that night in benghazi and the obama administration preparedness and response to those terror attacks. unfortunately, the white house is engaged in a pattern of obstruction consistently ignoring subpoenas, redacting relevant information and stonewalling investigators. this obstruction gives cause to the grave concerns expressed by countless americans across the country. mr. speaker, what's worse, as the white house refuses to turn over documents, they go in front of the american people and claim to be transparent. those in the administration claim to be cooperating. they claim to be focused on bringing the perpetrators of this attack to justice. attacks in the benghazi for the first time an american ambassador was killed in the line of duty since the 1970's. and to this day, not a single perpetrator of the attacks has been arrested or brought to justice. we should be using every tool necessary to find those responsible and bring them to justice. after ignoring for nearly a year a lawful congressional subpoena, the white house, under c
about the obama administration's blatant disregard of its constitutional obligations, and, in particular, about how the ideological devotion and political expediency have again and again trumped the president's sworn duty to uphold the law. in the short time since then, the white house has provided yet another egregious example of itsliness to disregard clear legal object -- its willingness to disregard clear legal obligations in clear favor of playing partisan politics. just days ago we heard that the obama administration withheld particularly significant information from disclosure to congress despite a lawfully issued subpoena during a house committee's investigation of the september 11, 2012, terrorist attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya. one of these documents, an e-mail from a senior white house official, casts serious doubt on a number of the administration's key assertions about the explanations it offered congress and the american people regarding the cause and nature of those attacks. madam president, there are many important questions about benghazi to which the amer
, lou. lou: obama administration broke silence in case of marine imprisoned in mexico on gun charges, the 25-year-old jailed inty one amexico -- tijuana, mexico since march 21, said he made a wrong turn at a crossing. and state department today confirms that secretary of state john kerry, raised the issue during meetings this week in mexico city but the secretary and obama administration are criticized for not, not more internetically insist -- energeticly insisting he be freed. one of the conservative groups, targeted by internal revenue service is now offering a bounty for someone that leads to -- targets scandal, kathrine, wants to open power the american people to hole government accountable. that might do the trick. we're coming right back. >> is hillary clinton afraid? there are reports that say that clinton apparatus forced nancy pelosi to name members of the benghazi committee. mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because
!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the obama administration has launched a review of execution procedures following last weeks botched killing of a death row prisoner in oklahoma. clayton lockett died of a heart attack warty three minutes after he was injected with untested chemicals in his growing. -- groin. prison officials had called off the execution after he remained conscious and convulsed on the gurney. president obama called the botched execution deeply disturbing and said it raises difficult and profound questions. >> in the application of the death penalty in this country, we have seen significant , and evenracial bias application of the death penalty -- uneven application of the death penalty. there were situations or individuals on death row later on were discovered to have been innocent because of exculpatory evidence. in all of these, i think it raises significant questions about how the death penalty is being applied. i will be discussing with eric , you know, toers get me an analysis of what steps have been taken, not just in this particular instanc
in the middle of a recession. none of this it to the obama administration. they say that fateful business owners cannot operate under the assumption in which they can use their moral principles to guide the way their places of business spend money. according to administration legal argument, the family that owns hobby lobby is not protected by the first amendments are free use of exercise. that is part of the amendment tested congress will make no law prohibiting the free exercise religion. the obama administration and attorney general eric holder argue that hobby lobby is a for-profit secular employer and a second entity by definition is not exercisable religion reared a federal judge agrees. does he have the lobby is a secular corporation in which there are no right to be guided by the religious belief of their ownership. keep in mind that hobby lobby was arguing that so-called morning-after pill should be illegal or banned for doing anything to prevent their employees from being the small cost of such bills. they just have a moral problem paying for something they view as inherently against t
in the transition from the bush administration to the obama administration, which meant that the new leadership in the va, secretary eric shinseki and his leader had to be him made aware of something like that. here we are five years later dealing with the same issue and we haven't asked the problem since then and that is a damning issue and i think we are on a collision course with a major roof on an overhaul f the va. ashley: and must be particularly galling with the detainees in guantÁnamo bay. they have much superior health care and the ratio between doctors and those that need help, far better than it is for our veterans and not as outrageous as well. >> yes, but it gives us a bit of a false issue. we have a small population of detainees down there. and we want to make certain that the care is what it should be. i've been there three times but i haven't been there recently. i really can't make a judgment about whether we've overcome it or not. we've overcome a number of things to ensure that there are problems in getting inspected by the red cross, so i'm not as convinced that it's reall
, the debate on how to seek justice in these cases is quietlying put to rest. in 2009, the obama administration said that it would seek for all of those top masterminds at guantanamo way, lug shake mohammed. moving them to american soil could be a security threat n2009 and 2010, congress voted down bills that would have funded closing the base. >> the unwise and unwarranted restrictions undermine our counter terrorism efforts, and could harm our national security. >> instead, the top al qaeda suspects are still in prison in guantanamo, and stuck in the process of military tribune falls. under the bush administration's plan, there are legalities, defendants have attorney and get access it them. but it's not private. the suspects cannot know all of the evidence against them, and the conditions or time in custody bear no weight. the president has tried to make good on closing gitmo, but it centers on capitol hill. if detainees were to be transferred to the united states, they would not require new legal protections, such as the right to seek asylum. >> john walker lynn, jose padilla, richard reed,
're all here. what they're doing at the obama administration health care department and i don't think they know anything, i think they're in a state of total confusion. to give them credit for a plan that is subtle is trying to make this complicated plan and to give them much, too much credit for planning. >> but i believe those single women knew exactly why they were there. >> well, they didn't answer me anyway. probably thinking, go away you old -- >> hardly. adam, what do you think of this program that you were looking forward to and then woke up hollering and shouting and it arrived and now it's falling apart. >> well, all very accurate except that it's not falling apart. the exchanges or the websites and some of the states aren't working as well as they need to. these are the states, by the way, that went along with the way that the legislation was written. i mean, look, i agree that there are people within the democratic party who wanted single payer, but, that is sort of a fact. but that's not how the legislation was written. that's not the legislation. >> adam, you have to rem
original anonymous question, i think you have to look at the overall trend in the obama administration when it comes to dealing with scandals to see why we're going to need a special prosecutor. they lied about obamacare. they never told the truth about benghazi. eric holder was held in contempt about fast and furious in mexico. so you have all of these things. they're never going to tell the truth. it's not in their dna. you're going to need a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of this. >> well, rich, we do have press conferences which white house officials including the president himself are asked whether or not this just came out from cincinnati or whether anybody outside of cincinnati was involved. the next time they're asked that question with all of this evidence piled up, how can they still pin it on cincinnati? >> well, i'm afraid what you're going to get is what you got in benghazi where a white house smo spokesman says dude that was two years ago. this rises to a scandal that exceeds anything nixon has done. when you have lois lernor targeting debt or spending or the course o
his release obviously is a huge, tremendous kind of victory for the obama administration, for the u.s. department of defense, and obviously for sergeant bergdahl and his family. it should be pointed out that he was promoted while in captivity. he was a private assigned to the 501st regiment fourth brigade 25th infantry division in alaska, and subsequently promoted to sergeant. >> thank you so much. now joining us on the phone is al jazeera's security contributor jj green. in their statement the white house thanks the premiere of qatar for acting as mediary. >> it brings into middle eastern affairs who is looking for something of a new order of things, moving forward, recognizing that there are organizations like the taliban and al-qaida who influence politics. this organization has dumped a lot of money in building up it's reputation around the world as a very thoughtful, practical, and a very skilled country with leaders who are able to engage in this kind of intermediary activity for countries that really don't have that kind of reputation or that kind of presence in the region. s
, there seems to be no part of the obama administration-led government that is working as intended. is thereanyone in this government capable of doing what is expected of them? the administration is now mired in scandal in the treasury kept, the state department, the department of justice, bureau of land management, to name just a few. f between we mention obamacare? but eric holder says the justice department will not conduct an investigation. >> i don't have any announcements at this time with regard to anything that the justice department is doing. but i will note that the inspector general, the independent inspector general at the v.a. has this matter under -- obviously will monitor the results of that inquiry. >> senator jon tester, a democrat, also joining the obama administration defending general s shinseki's record saying the v.a. is doing a pretty darn good, end quote. my next guest is a member of the house committee investigating the v.a. scandal. joining us now, member of both the house veterans affairs and arms services committees, also served as a combat surgeon in ir
forward the obama administration and the senate public works committee as the two year transportation bill in place that will expire on september 30th it's great to see this coming up with the extension we need to see a maintenance of the obama administration proposals for the increased level of funding we're not seeing the grow america act by the administrative and the departmentalize and republicans in the house and senate but we're talking about extending the bill for at least the next few years and will continue to monitor the progress with the transportation commission and with our partners we'll keep you posted. this goal to avert the bankruptcy of the highway trust fund to make sure we plan for our capital needs. at the state level the cap and trade proposal realized imply permanently steinberg that take into consideration talks about an expenditure program and the governor provided a picture with the new proposal from the senate permanently includes direct funding to transit by 25 percent 20 percent for affordable housing and 20 percent for high speed rail so we see the right compo
the obama administration and prime minister netanyahu over the talks. of course, the prime minister insisted that iran have no tolear enrichment in order create nuclear weapons. 1 willing to give not takenhing -- that that step. >> another topic. israel is conducting a major operation against the u.s. what can you tell us? does it have credibility? to areofficials i spoke furious about these allegations put forward by anonymous officials. they see is really as a vindictive campaign against israel. they deny completely as a related to an effort by israel touet visa waivers for its rists. it is added to the tension that is already there between the obama administration and netanyahu. >> another attention is the palestinians. is saying they have not collapsed. many people think they have to. >> there's a lot of skepticism in israel they will keep this track with the palestinian leader. i was hearing from officials including primus or netanyahu criticizing abbas for the collapse of the talks. party brings hamas, who they considered terrorists, that'll be be end of these tiles. >> the former prim
tourists. it is adding to the tension that is already there between the obama administration and netanyahu government. >> another tension is the palestinians peace talks. john kerry is saying they have not collapsed. many people think they have to. >> there's a lot of skepticism in israel. they will keep this track with the palestinian leader. you hear from officials including prime minister netanyahu criticizing abbas for the collapse of the talks. if abba's party brings hamas, who they considered terrorists, that'll be the end of these talks. >> the former prime minister was sentenced to six years in the slammer for corruption charges. did that rattle the country? >> the president said, it is a sad day. certainly, he is the latest in a list of senior israeli officials including the former president who was convicted of rape charges. they are trying to look at the glass half full, that israel is a true democracy. >> thank you. it says the good things about israel and the system of justice. let's return to you all now. there are questions about hillary's health and age. was the age issue a
%. is that ashington positive talking points. the real lexi for the obama administration -- the real legacy for the obama administration is veteran affair. theions of people depend on v.a. and if he cannot get it to work, that will be his legacy. >> wal-mart question on shinseki -- one more question on shinseki. you know he cares. people whoe a lot of care. that is six years of stonewalling in congress and coverups and maybe cooking the books. a real disconnect from the ground. he has to show he is in touch and he can handle it. we are losing 22 veterans a day to suicide. we need a leader who response with urgency. >> i will get to the suicide squeeze in a moment. some conservatives said you should privatize. >> we do not think that is an answer. >> is it a bad idea? >> yes. v.a. to succeed. it has to work well. it is how government works and does not work. talking millions of veterans and the paint on it. it is about customer service. when you submit a claim, it should not take 2 years. daysould not take 30 or 40 before you see a doctor. we are failing our veterans. >> you mention
great to have you here. >> and a strike against obama administration proposeed new restricts on gas restricts from cold fire power plants. today the chamber am coaster released a report, saying that proposal could cost 50 billion a year, cost as many as 224,000 jobs each year, through the year 2030. >> nsa leakeer they call him, na traitor edward snowden is rejectings notion he was a low level systems administration or. >> i was trained as a spy, in the traditional sense of word, i lived undercover, overseas, pro tens to -- pretends to work in a job that i'm not. >> he blamed state department for stranding him in russia. secretary of state john kerry fired back against that claim. >> the bottom line is, this is a man who has betrayed his country, sitting in russia, where he is taken refuge. you know he should man up, come back to the united states. >> we're coming right >> president obama couldn't bring himself to report on deportations, he hopes john boehner will somehow push immigration legislation through the house. juan williams, and ed rollins next on whether the republicans ar
. >> there seems to be no part of the obama administration led government that is working as intended. is there anyone capable of doing what is expected? the administration is now marden scandal in the treasury department, the department of justice, the bureau of land management, to name just a few. and did we mention obamacare and health and human services department? from one to be a scandal as well as the latest developments in the ukraine, we are joined tonight by former army vice chief of staff general jack keane and military analyst, it is good to have you with us. the calls for the resignation of eric shinseki. what are your thoughts on his resigning. >> i know him very well. we work together for four and a half years in the pentagon. and what we used to use as a litmus test when we had a crisis like this, and we dealt with them throughout our career is most senior leaders would, is number one when you have a system of some kind, is the leader personally responsible responsible in his duties in addressing that fill your. and in that case, it would be removed. and given the wide
. the school of less rules the obama administration. the debate in a late retrenchment period, we're getting into not late retrenchment, but into the middle phase, the middle passage of retrenchment, the debate that tends to arise is are we doing enough, can we do more, or do we need to stick with less? we're going to have that debate for years now, and it will shape the kind of role that the united states takes in the world. it will involve a lot of complexity and subtlety. but a lot of it will just be reducible to more versus less. >> actually i'm very grateful for your earlier question, because it kind of relates to what i was going to ask. >> i've got to answer it again? >> no, i will be asking a new answer to the question. your characterization of the bush sr. administration as the school of less and the late clinton administration as the school of more in broad term, that's something that's being popularly disputed with the downfall in crimea. there are all these articles apportioning the blame to the u.s. for everything that's happened in somalia, in haiti, in bosnia and kosovo includ
obama administration officials leading charge to dissuade the ceos. they trying to persuade giants alcoa, goldman sachs, pepsi, morgan stanley, conn conoco phis and others, latest salvo from obama administration is violence and eastern ukraine, overnight clashs in city. claiming lives of at least 4 ukrainian soldiers up to 30 pro russian separatists, secretary of state kerry pronounces himself quote, nothing less than disappointed with russia. vowing to impose more sanctions against russ succeed in derails a nationwide elect schedule for may 25. in ukraine. that tactic, criticized by democratic chairman and rangeing republican senators on the foreign relations committee, today. >> if we don't use this call break on sanctions in the way to prevent further incurring to the ukraine, we will find ourselves ewing those sanctions as an aftermath as we did in crimea. >> sometimes i think only strategy that administration has is getting people who talk about ukraine to look in the mirror, make sure they practice sounding tough. lou: nato commander, general philip moments ago announceed that nato
of the obama administration for a while now. the president set the redline in syria for instance and nothing happen. >> there are separate issues. how they are communicating the message and the substance of the foreign policy. on the communication aspect. i don't think anybody thinks that the obama administration really thinks that sending out a tweet save our girls is going to rescue the girls. it is awareness. and it is a way to convoy thoughts in the twitter age these days. and that is one issue. i don't know if you can completely criticize them for using the twitter venue to do. that in contrast to the redline in syria and investigations in benghazi. there is appropriateness of when they do it and when they are taken seriously. >> i don't so teddy roosevelt saying speak softly and carry a big hash tag. the idea of applying pressure to nigeria government and boko haran and others tens of thousands of people to tweet, what does it accomplish? >> it gets media attention and reporters, a lot of them spend their day on twitter and gets them interested and engaged. i don't think it is going to
in cincinnati as the obama administration maintained. and a brewing scandal in missouri. taxpayer money is being wasted. saying that workers are being paid to sit at computers do nothing but hit the refresh button. hiring 1500 workers to process applications for obamacare and there's nothing to process so the employees spend their days at the computer and we are sure that their other buttons as well hitting refresh. joining us now is george w. bush and his senior staff, former clinton adviser and fox news local analyst outshone. thank you for being here. let me start with you, brad. the apparent victor, it was as a tea party victory as some are claiming? or is this a cleverly constructed establishment victory for the republic? >> it is a republican party victory in the good news is that the tea party is alive and well. and this includes more conservative candidates in viewpoints and other parts of the country. we are going to take the republican victory and they're going to run in november. lou: so there is a big thing across the country. lou: doug schon, what is going on here? losing the distri
, the obama administration initially blamed it on an anti-muslim video and called it a spontaneous event. this week, new documents reveal ben rhodes tried to re-enforce the video angle with talking points for administration officials that would, quote, underscore that these protests are rooted in an internet video, and not a broader failure of policy. and even with this latest speculation, jay carney is downplaying questions by calling them conspiracy theories and others on the left are piling on. >> diversion subterfuge. benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. why aren't we talking about anything else? what i know of what i have read in the press about those e-mails, were fairly consistent with what was put out there before. i don't think there's anything new there. >> you have to fill the space with something. i have to tell you, benghazi has filled the space way beyond its life. benghazi is a corpse. they tried to arouse it today, and it fell right back down. >> joining us now from new york, jean zano, a political analyst and a professor at iona college. you heard the montage, the democrats say
on capitol hill with the story. >> reporter: the obama administration has tried to blame the irs targeting of conservative groups on a few rogue agents in cincinnati, but this latest information uncovered by judicial watch ties the behavior directly to washington. lois lerner the former irs official who was found in contempt of congress last week sent an email correspondence in april of last year. the april email explains the bolo criteria looked to pick groups for additional scrutiny and screening. looking for groups with tea party, patriot and 9/12 project. organizations seeking to make america a better place to live and groups with statements in their case files that are critical of how the country is being run. there is also new information about the actions of retiring michigan senator karl levin who sent a series of letters during the final stages of the 2012 president sham campaign. july 30th, 2012, levin singles 12 groups he wanted investigated for political activity. september 27th, he asks for copies of paperwork about planned political expenditures from conservative groups. octo
but it ju got bigger. new reports are showing the obama administration knew that there was trouble about six years ago. as many as people today still wait for answers and accountability, including all of us in the media. starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines" mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. [ bottle ] ensure®. ♪ here's a good one seattle... what did geico say to the mariner? we could save you a boatload! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ what's seattle's favorite noise? the puget sound! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly ♪ all right, never mind doesn't matter. this is a classic. what does an alien seamstress sew with? a space needle! ♪ foghorn sounds loudly continuously ♪ oh come off it captain! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> welcome back. bomb shell new de
the house speaker said the obama administration misled american people on the days after the attack. they point to botched talking points claiming the killings were as a result of an anti muslim video. an email released last week indicated the white house helped shape those talking points, whichóác we know are not true. steve, what are republicans hoping to learn from the committee? >> they say the white house was playing politics in the after math of benghazi and they want to find out who was behind as what they see as a deception followed by a coverup. that attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi killed four americans, including the ambassador. the white house portrayed what was a terrorist attack as a demonstration that got out of hand. >> they were trying to create an impression to the american people that wasn't a broad irforeign policy failure and it was totally disconnected with reality on the ground. they saw benghazi, i think, bob, as a threat to his re-election. they created a political smoke screen. >> and senator kelly ayotte said the truth didn't fit the white house
on to the streets by the u.s. immigration officials in 2013. so, what about the obama administration's claim that it is cracking down on the most serious criminals in immigration enforcement? washington examiner chief political correspondent byron york joins us. byron, so, what's the story? why are these people getting out? >> this is a huge bait and switch why by the obama administration. i don't think there is any other way to describe it. if you listen to the president. the president says our immigration system is broken. there is no way to go after people in this country whose only misdeed is coming into the country illegally if they are following the laws, they shouldn't be harassed by the legal system. and, instead, the president says what we should really do is go after the hardened criminals, the immigrants who are here illegally, who have broken our laws. we need to be very tough on them. what we have now found is that the administration has let go thousands of immigrants who committed serious crimes. more than 100 plus murderers. 2700 assaults. 1300 domestic violence. 15,000 drunk
and also speak about the obama administration's decision to finally release the secret memo outlining when the u.s. can assassinate a u.s. citizen. then as the tea party suffers setbacks and midterms, we will take a look at the most influential republican political operatives, the koch brothers. >> their the poster boys for the top 1%. their money and power fuels the inequality in america. >> the name koch has become a four letter word. day in and day out, their purchasing politicians and policy. it is taking a terrible toll on democracy. >> we will speak to the film's director robert greenwald will stop republicans tried to block a capitol hill screening of the documentary this week. then daniel schulman, author of the new book, "sons of wichita: how the koch brothers became america's most powerful and private dynasty." all of that and more coming up .ill stop this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. at least 118 people have been killed and 45 wounded in a twin bombing in the nigerian city of jos. focused on boko haram, the militant group behind
obama and his administration are not forthright or interested in working with official members of the united states house of representatives to clear the issue, to understand what happened so that we may move forward with great confidence. that as our men and women who are in the state department are engaged in the sensitive work, the work that is done on behalf of this great nation, that we can understand that relationship with the united states military, with intelligence, with the money that we spend, and the mission that the president of the united states decides that these men and women will be engaged in. we are here today to gain answers, to gain knowledge, and to gain corrective action. that is why i believe last night in the rules committee the rules committee moved forward on an original jurisdiction hearing whereby the rules committee would make and take the responsibility, mr. speaker, to make sure that we understood that we would be taking the time of the house of representatives. that we would be taking, in essence, jurisdiction and putting that to a select commit
tell you what i am talking about. the obama administration said we could not raise the water level down at lake cumberland because it might disrupt the natural habitat of a minnow. they wanted to keep the water low, throw people out of their jobs, and destroy one of the most popular tourist spots to help a two inch fish. this is the only time anybody has tried to save a fish from too much water. [laughter] [applause] i fought back and we won. [applause] i will keep fighting this and every other attempt by the obama crowd to tell kentuckians how to live their lives. send me back to washington and kentucky will always have a champion in the capital. [applause] if the american people give republicans the majority of the senate, you will be proud of the united states senate once again. [applause] i will never say one thing and do another. i will restore the senate as a place of high purpose. i will carry out my office with dignity and respect. these are my values and i intend to practice them. when i travel around, i can see it in people's eyes. the sense that washington does not care about
the benghazi is the obama administration still hiding from the american people? republican darrell issa issued a subpoena for secretary of state john kerry to testify on may 21st about whether his department has other relevant documents that have not been turned over. kerry already has plans to be in mexico that day and fired back republicans are wasting time reinvestigating old ground. >> i am confident that what the republicans allege that there was some attempt by this administration to cover-up or spin what happened is 100% false. >> one area of inqi qirry for the special committee is likely to be what the president was doing on the night of the attacks after veeter revealed -- you were in the situation room and he wasn't there. >> yes. i was in the white house. >> and the president was not in the swaying room. >> not in the room i was in. >> three republican senators wrote to the president today asking to confirm that account. writing the american people still do not have an accounting of your activities during the attack. >> the president -- all the president's men and women in the white
the easier ones. >> we haven't done all that we can. when the obama administration came in, they proposed a concentrated program that says there should an limit on how much carbon emissions we can put in the atmosphere, and it could be adjusted as we learn more. that was obviously unsuccessful. we didn't want to pay more than we had to. that was unsufficiently. the administration now says we can't do anything. if they're going to use their existing tools with statutes that are already on the books to reduce emissions like doubling fuel economy standards and people looking for rules from the environmental protection agency. >> suddenly putting america's coal industry out of business. burning coal is not something that has no other external costs beyond the purchase of the coal. how do you price damage and risk and pollution into these equations in a way that replaces the burden that has been placed on us. >> there is no arbitrary way to do that. the social cost of carbon is very much in the eye of the beholder. people who are alarmed about climate change thinks the cost is very high, and l
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